This is the only track I wrote for wind synth. Although it sounds a little like a soprano sax – it is in fact a breath controlled synthesizer. It is a sort of ballad which builds to a crescendo at the end. This was one of 2 songs I wrote for my amazing wife and partner Charlotte.

A Goats Life

This was a track I completed many years ago. There are 2 versions. This one with the melody played by the tenor sax and another with my son Tom singing the lyrics (which he wrote) when he was about 9yrs old. I am not very good at choosing titles for my songs – hence the name “A Goats Life” – it doesn’t mean anything

The Grand Gig

I did a gig recently and as I was packing the gear away I heard a song with just 2 chords in it. I loved the song and decided to create a dance track with my own 2 chords.

Full arrangement – acoustic guitar review

Full version of my recent acoustic guitar review upload. I decided to remove the acoustic guitar solo and replace with an oboe. The acoustic guitar is now there as a repetitive and almost hypnotic element.


Short sample of a great Band from London I’ve just finished recording and mixing.

Acoustic Guitar Review

This is a very short snatch of a recording I did for an acoustic guitar company about to be launched in the UK