Advanced studio and technology support

Studio and music technology tailor-made....

Lessons for composing, recording, mixing and mastering your songs to understanding how to apply music theory to your own instrument.

Composition, computer recording and technology

Support for song composition, computer recording and technology support, alongside other services such as advice for GCSE or A Level Music exams and Rockschool performance exams.


Advice and support for aspiring composers of any musical style using traditional approaches or modern technical approaches.

Music theory

In-depth or basic music theory tutoring to suit your own learning requirements.

Computer Recording

Jon Rasmussen will show you how to set up and use a computer for recording your own music.  He has over 30 years experience with music software.

Mixing and Mastering

Jon Rasmussen will show you how to continue the recording process into the mixing, mastering and final production stages of your own music.

Streaming Services

Jon Rasmussen will show you how to prepare your music for rendering and uploading to streaming services.

Studio Engineering

With over 30 years experience using music technology (hardware AND software), Jon Rasmussen will support budding recording artists or sound engineers in their development.

Advice for GCSE Music syllabus

Helpful and relevant advice and support for students undertaking music exams at school. Additional support also covers A-level music syllabus and examples of work required and how to be prepared.

RasMusic also teach the following instruments: