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The bass guitar is often referred to as the foundation to any music....

The bass guitar provides the musical and rhythmic foundation for all the other instruments in the band. With Rasmusic you can learn the bass guitar fundamentals all the way to a professional standard. Rasmusic teaches all styles of music and you can get help with your grades too.

A complete bass guitar tuition service

Jon Rasmussen started playing at the age of 12 and by 13 he was playing live gigs. Music has been a part of his life ever since. His lesson planning comes with a keen ear and a passion for helping you find a musical harmony with your instrument of choice.

Electric bass guitar

Jon Rasmussen is fluent in many styles of bass; from metal, rock, funk, fusion country etc.  He specialises in funk bass and will show you how to play using a plectrum, your fingers and even your thumb.

Fretless bass Guitar

Jon Rasmussen also specialises in playing and teaching the specific skills required to play a fretless bass.

Wide choice of Genres

Jon Rasmussen provides bass guitar lessons in any musical genre that you want to learn.

Music theory and composition

Some students prefer to learn music theory alongside their instrument and this really helps in composing and song structure.  Jon Rasmussen can provide support to any level of music theory. 

Help with bass guitar solos

Following on from music theory, Jon Rasmussen can teach you specific solos from songs of your choice or even show you how to create your own bass solos.

Learn to read sheet music for bass guitars

Some people prefer to play by ear and others prefer to learn how to read music.  Jon Rasmussen can support with either skill.

Support with grades and exams on guitar

Jon Rasmussen can provide support to prepare you for the Rockschool syllabus of bass guitar exams. He has taken over 50 students through their exams and everyone has passed.

Music to print and review at home

During and in between lessons, Jon Rasmussen will provide suitable reference material for students to work from in their own time.

Bass guitar advice and tips

Jon Rasmussen can provide support and advice for new or existing students when purchasing new equipment or if a problem arises with existing equipment, including bass guitars, amps, strings etc.

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Rasmusic has a relaxed yet structured approach to your music learning needs. Jon Rasmussen has a variety of experience in theatre orchestras, session work for artists, composing and performing in bands of all different genres. Jon Rasmussen has formal qualifications in tuition and adapts all of his expertise to fit your needs perfectly, no matter what your level of musical ability.

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