A recent remix of a song I composed over 20 years ago. No idea what the word Gambote means. Just liked the word TBH. The photograph is courtesy of my bigger brother Niels Rasmussen

Bisonette Fnk

A recent song I completed after having been inspired by the great drumming of Greg Bisonette. I used a mixture of real and sampled brass for added realism. I hope you like it.

TidyFunk in Abminor

This is a track I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. Finally decided I like this mix (instead of a few others I did). This is a combination of loops, live playing and VSTi instruments.

Chillout in Fminor

Here’s a track I finished today. Interestingly every sound (including the drums) was created using a single synthesizer which I have shaped and changed using various tools at my disposal. I kept the chords really simple to add to the ‘hypnotic’ element I was trying to achieve.


This is a quick demo of a track that took me 27 minutes to write and record in GarageBand – hence the name. I did not use any loops as all the instruments are played using a Nektar 25 key controller keyboard (including the drums). To be honest I was quite pleased with the result and the process of writing and recording is streets away from my usual approach using Cubase – and was quite refreshing. Just thought you might want to hear it. If you get to the middle bit – this reminded me of a synth sound that Joe Zawinul from Weather Report used to use a lot.


This is a track called Grace. The reason its called Grace is that when I heard the intro vocal ahhhh it sounded graceful to me – hence ‘Grace’. I decided to use a very repetitive bass synth track which I think really drives the track forward.

Waltz for Charlotte

This was the second piece of music I wrote for my beautiful partner Charlotte. It features a tenor sax playing the melody and solo.

Back to You

This is a small section of a track I have just finished with Amy Jo Clough. I arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered Amy’s track in my studio. Check out Amy on YouTube _ Amy Jo Clough Music

Break New Ground

Many years ago I played in a band called the Basic Maths. My brother and I wrote this song which I later arranged for instrumental fretless bass. I really like the feel of this song. It reminds me of summer.